Covid-19 Pandemic Information

Dear Friends/Dental Family,                            

Our number one priority is to provide an atmosphere of health and safety for our clients (patients).

Here at Dawn Durbin DDS, (your caring dental team), we are taking a slow approach to our return in order to ensure the safety of our clients, families, and team. Jamie will be making calls to reschedule appointments that have been affected by our closure.

We ask for your patience as we work through this process. The next several weeks or even months will feel out of the ordinary for you and for us at our office. We have always loved creating an environment that feels more “homey” and less like a dental office. Many of those homey things will have to go for a while: The coffee bar, the magazines, the creature comforts in the reception area… The one thing that will not go away is the culture we have…. our clients still feel like family to us and will be treated as such.

We are operating under strict guidelines from multiple agencies including but not limited to the CDC, ADA, IDA, and OSHA. One of our team members, likely Jamie, will be calling to discuss your appointment as well as our new office protocols in further detail. Please read below for things to expect…some of these things are painfully obvious but we are required to ask :

  • If you or anyone living with you has had any signs of sickness (COVID-19 or non-COVID-19 related) over the past 14 days, we ask that you schedule for a later date.
  • Every client/patient will be asked some health assessment questions on the phone and upon arrival for the scheduled appointment.
  • Every client will be asked to fill out an updated consent form to be treated in our office during this pandemic. We cannot see any client without this consent form. No exceptions.
  • Our office will be completely closed to anyone without an appointment. No walk-ins allowed, and please do not bring anyone to your appointment inside with you, unless you are their caretaker, they are your caretaker, or the client with an appointment is a child (more on that in a minute).
  • Upon your arrival, please remain in your car and call the office at (812)738-2166 to let us know you are in the parking lot. If you do not have a cell phone, please knock on the door.
  • One of our team members will be out to take your temperature (with a no-touch scanning thermometer), and to record your oxygen saturation. This is a little gizmo that fits on your finger to measure the oxygen in your circulation. We will also review the health questions again. Any client with a temperature >100.4 will not be allowed into the office and will be asked to reschedule.
  • We request that parents, children, spouses, friends, siblings, etc. not come into the building. Only the scheduled patient will be allowed. There are situations where this is unavoidable. In this case, only one guardian or parent will be allowed inside. This person will be required to wear a mask (again…not my rules…) and not be allowed into the treatment area. The parent/guardian will have the same screening process as the patient.
  • Upon entry to the building, we ask that each patient use the hand sanitizer inside the door.
  • Before the appointment, we will ask that you rinse with ozonated water we will have available.
  • We have always practiced “universal precautions” , however you will see a difference in our PPE. If your child is a patient, please let them know what to expect. We will also post pictures on our office Facebook site, Dawn Durbin DDS, so you will be able to show them as well.
  • We have always maintained the highest standards in cleanliness, sanitization, and sterilization. We will be doing “extra” as well…. Wiping door knobs, countertops at the front desk between every patient, credit card terminal, etc.
  • We have hand sanitizer inside the door as well as tissues. If you are in the front office area and feel like you are going to sneeze or cough, please grab a tissue, use it, throw the tissue in the trash, then please use the hand sanitizer again.

We have placed ODOROX hydroxyl generators in the reception area and in each of the treatment rooms. If you want to see for yourself what these do, you can visit  to read about hydroxyl generators.

We have installed lockers in the team meeting room/staff room in the back. We are no longer allowed to wear street clothes in (as I have always done), or work clothes out of the building. We will change clothes upon every entry and exit to/from the building. We will all be wearing white coats (gowns) over our scrubs, face shields over our masks and glasses, and hair/foot coverings.

We have a washer and dryer on site so all scrubs and jackets will remain in house to be laundered. Our white lab gowns will be changed throughout the day.

If you have had certain procedures done, you already know we often use an “Isolite” inside the mouth to minimize aerosol, as well as a dental dam.

We often use the cart I call the “elephant trunk” … I have two of them. We will now use one of these for every procedure.

As you can tell, we have been concerned all along with the health of our patients and our team, not just beginning now, however, we are kicking it up a few notches!

I know this all seems like a lot. I understand this has been a frustrating and scary time for most of us. I would like to thank all of you sincerely for your patience and support during this time. MANY of you have reached out to me to help me with various things during these past months. I am eternally grateful for all of our kind-hearted patients.

We take your health very seriously. Some of these policies might seem over the top and exaggerated, but they are in place based on guidelines for the safety of everyone involved. I thank you in advance for your support and continual patience and understanding. PLEASE reach out to us with any questions or concerns you may have.

If you have an emergency, something urgent, or just a question before then, PLEASE reach out to me at (812)987-8798. I have already heard from many of you.


Thank you so much for reading this loooong message 😊 We are looking forward to seeing you!


Most Sincerely,


Dawn R. Durbin, DDS